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Back to Bek Travel is the best Mongolia travel agency based in Bayan-Olgii that is equipped to provide you with a variety of services  tours around western Mongolia.  Bek Travel is well aware of the needs of travelers is prepared to serve you well.  We promise to treat you as our valuable guest as you experience or enjoy a very unique travel experience.

Why choose us?

Bek Travel; Best Mongolia Tour Agency works with Local communities to help support them in every way. One of our main mission is to help old Kazakh traditions maintained such as Hunting with Eagles. We work with many different eagle falconer families  encourage them to keep their traditions as we make it their source of income. We  involve in all charity activities  do volunteering in fields within our community. Bayan-Olgii province is the most remote province of Mongolia  most far province from the capital. Almost only one income for this province is “Tourism” we pay a lot of attention to it.  By choosing us  our service you will not only have an experience of your lifetime but invest in our local communities.  Bek Travel operates a combination 20-person ger camp in Olgii city.  As part of our mission to provide you with a truly unique travel experience, we want to invite you to do a trip combination of celebrating Naadam, Mongolia’s national celebration of the “three manly sports” as well as trekking in Altay Tavan Bogd National Park.

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