About Us

About this agency:

Bek Travel is flexible in terms of organising all kinds of tours, any kind of tour can be organised and itinerary is made upon visitors’ requests. You do not have to worry about your plan,  just let Bek Travel does all your plans and tour itineraries that you are planning to do in Western Mongolia , let our professional and experienced tour guides do all that for you.  This is the most preferable option by many of visitors, as it is more reliable in terms of timing and budget.

CEO & Founder of the agency Mr. Bek

Back-to-Bek Travel is owned and operated by Bek. Bek, born and raised in Olgii, has spent time living and working in Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Britain, and France.  He speaks  Mongolian, Kazakh, Russian, English, and French.

About Mongolian Kazakhs

Mongolia’s Kazakhs are perhaps best known for our famed eagle hunters.  Bek Travel works closely with the Kazakh Eagle Hunters Association and we can provide you with prime opportunities for interacting with these amazing hunters.  The BBC recently featured Kazakh eagle-hunters in their new television series “Human Planet.”  You can watch a YouTube clip of the episode here. Eagle hunting is Bek Travel’s the most experienced field with its best eagle hunters and years of experience. Bek Travel arranges Eagle Hunting trips during the winter months at the cheapest price and gives better service as it locates in Bayan Olgii. Mr Bek , founder of Bek Travel was born and raised up in Bayan Olgii among with eagle hunters families all around his neighbourhood.

About Bayan-Olgii

Bayan-Olgii, the western-most province in Mongolia, lies in the heart of the Altai Mountains.  It offers events and sights to see throughout the year: Naadam in July, “Nauryz” (the Turkic nations’ national celebration) in March, and the Golden Eagle Festival in October.

How to get here?

You can reach Olgii, the provincial capital of Bayan-Olgii province, from Ulaanbaatar by jeep, minivan, bus, or airplane.  Overland, the trip takes two to three days.  Airplanes take three hours. Aero Mongolia, Hunnu Airways both the Mongolian domestic airlines, offer regular flights between Olgii and Ulaanbaatar five times a week.  Please visit the websites: www.aeromongolia.mn/en/ and www.hunnuair.com for more information including flight schedules and fares.