Things to Do
There are plenty of things in Bayan-Olgii to keep you busy:

  • Trekking to Tavan Bogd National Park, Tsambagarav National Park, and other areas around western Mongolia
  • Fishing at Khoton and Khurgan Nuur Lakes in the Altai Mountains
  • Camel and horse riding (various distances)
  •  Visit eagle hunting (and maybe even experience the hunt firsthand if you come during the hunting season!)
  • Photography
  • Mountain climbing

And much more!

Olgii is a rapidly developing city.  Among other things, it boasts an airport, a range of hotels and guesthouses, a handful of supermarkets, a number of restaurants, ATM machines, and several Internet cafes.

Places to See:
Bayan-Olgii boasts a number of must-see sights:

  • Eagle hunters and their golden eagles
  • Tavan Bogd National Park
  • Tuvan Sacred Mountains
  • Rock art from ancient times (stone men, deer stones, and petroglyphs)
    And much more!

Again, Bek Travel is here to serve and assist you.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.  We are able to help you:

  • Hotel booking
  • Guest house services
  • Guided tours
  • Vehicle rentals
  • Visa support
  • Transfers
  • Camping
  • Short Tours
  • Photography
  • Eagle hunting
  • Fishing
  • Camel and horse riding

And much more!