Tavan Bogd National Park, Altay Mountains horse trekking Trip for 10 days, 2019 Mongolia package.


Day 1

Arrive in UB , visit Natural museum in the afternoon. Overnight at Chinggis Khaan Hotel in UB.

Day 2

Picked up by Bek Travel’s staff, drive to UB airport, Fly to Olgii.

Arrive in Olgii, after the lunch visit local market, visit Olgii museum, city tour and rest in hotel or in ger camp.

Day 3

In the morning, we will leave By Toyota Landcruisers drive out of Olgii heading to Ranger tavan bogd station. On the way, stop in Tsengel village to listen to Tuvan Shaman throat singer. Continue to drive to tavan bogd Ranger station. On the way, stop at the Shiveet Khairkhan Sacred mountain to see the petroghlyps from bronze age. Arrive at the Ranger station and overnight in tents or in Tuvan families. Choice is yours.

Day 4

Ride on horses, ride to Tavan Bogd base camp, this day we will ride 17kms on horse back. See the potanian glacier this day. Depth of the potanian glacier on the top is 240 meters and on the bottom it is 140 meters. Overnight in tents.

Day 5

Climb to Malchin peak on this day, which is about 3800 meters high from sea level. And after the climb, ride back to Ranger station and overnight in tents or in gers.

Day 6

Continue riding on horses and with pack camels ride to Dakilbay pass. Overnight before the pass in tents by the Khar salaa valley.

Day 7

Ride on horses, pass the famous Dakilbay pass and arrive at the Aksu valley. Do some hiking in the Aksu valley, experience and see flora and fauna. Do some bird watching. You may also have a chance to see snow leopard in this valley. Overnight in tents.

Day 8

This day, we ride on horses and arrive at the Aral Tolgoi National park and overnight in tents. Araltolgoi is a valley where 2 junctions and rivers meet. Nice place to rest and do some hike after the horse ride.

Day 9

Ride on horses ride by the Khoton lake and arrive at the Khairakhti to see rock arts and petroghlyps. Swim in the lake along sandy beach if weather allows that day. Overnight in tents.

Day 10

Ride on horses and arrive at the Khoton & Khurgan lakes bridge, pass the bridge and come to visit a Kazakh eagle hunter’s family. Experience his golden eagle. Overnight there in tents. We will leave the horses here.

Fly out of UB to Home country.  

Fee Per person for Mongolia package:  2550 USD. Larger groups have discounts.