Tour Types and Policies

We can custom make a tour for your purposes. Please see the types of tours we offer and our policies below:

  • Adventure Tours: Bek Travel organizes a plethora of adventure tours around Olgii town, among them teaching you how to ride two year-old wild horses and several others. Please see the other tours at the side for ideas.
  • Cultural Tours: Western Mongolia is well-known worldwide for its wealth of colorful ethnic minorities. Bek Travel helps you feel the traditional nomadic way of life in all its purity, allowing you to live with the locals and thus experience the uniqueness of their lifestyle in depth. The nomadic lifestyle of Western Mongolians is quite different from those of their counterparts in other countries and even throughout Mongolia. We also put together “stay-one-night-with-nomads trips”. They include horseback riding tours, cow, sheep, goat and mare milking, as well as  herding on horseback. Learning how to tame and train hunting eagles with Kazakh nomads will definitely leave you with an unforgettable lifelong experience. One can also take active part in the celebration of Western Mongolian nomadic people called “Ak Tileu." You will feel overwhelmed by the hospitality and awed by the exotic beauty of their festivals and folklore. Our fees have been carefully tailored to suit any pocket, from the backpacker on a shoestring to the boho-chic highflyer.
  • Jeep Tours: Since Western Mongolia has no asphalt roads but only wash-board and rocky tracks, it is very adventurous to drive along by jeep. We organize trips by jeep passing very high hills, mountains, crossing wild rivers, chasing marmots and wolves if possible. Fees are negotiable and cost effective.
  • Biking: We can organize two kinds of biking tours: professional biking and junior biking. Professional biking is always biking on mountains, where as junior biking is along the tracks between the small towns and villages in Western Mongolia. Fees are negotiable and cost effective.
  • National Parks tours: There are numerous National Parks in Western Mongolia, rich with flora and fauna. Bek travel organizes trips to all the National Parks mentioned in the packaged tours. Permissions are taken by Bek Travel. We provide you with guides from the National Park Authority, which is not always done by other travel companies. Fees are negotiable and cost effective.
  • Horse Riding along the Mongol Altai Mountains: Riding on horse along the Altai Mountain range is a very interesting trip. You can be sure of enjoying it with us. Riding on horseback from Bulgan village, which is in the south of Bayan Olgii and bordered by China, to Tavan Bogd Mountain lasts about 1000 kms more-or-less. We can also arrange rides on the north of Bayan Olgii bordered with the Russian Altai. Horses and saddles as well as other necessary things are provided by Bek Travel.
  • Real Eagle Hunting event, (Special one, it is not an artificial festival): Founder of Bek Travel, Mr. Ainabek, has decided to organize this unique trip after his many years or traveling to other countries. This trip is very unique with its way of hunting. It is not a typical artificial eagle festival with foxes and wolves trained in advance to be hunted by fat eagles. But it is a hunting trip with trained eagles who are hungry to hunt animals such as foxes and wolves on the hot spots. If you are lucky enough, you will eyewitness the catch on the mountains. The trip will last between 5-10 days. Duration can be changed upon request. It is organized anytime from end of October to the end of February every year starting from 2011.
  • Photography: Bek travel is professional with photography. We understand the needs of photographers, when and what kinds of photos can be taken. We know the places to go and take pictures.
  • Fishing: One of the most interesting and adventurous trips is fishing in rivers and lakes in Western Mongolian blue, fresh water. Bek travel has experienced guides who know when and where to fish with what kinds of tools. We guarantee you that you will enjoy your fishing trip. And, Bek travel is against natural violations. We are an eco-friendly company.
  • Hunting: We organize hunting trips too. For more information please contact us at anytime to create an itinerary.