Western Mongolia Tour | Altay Tavan Bogd Trekking 15 days

Western Mongolia Tour | Altay Tavan Bogd Trekking 15 days


This adventurous trekking will take place in one of the most amazing places on earth, the Altay Tavan Bogd National Park. It is famous with its snow capped mountains, alpine lakes, Argali mountain sheep, snow leopard and many other animals and birds, with fresh wild rivers and nomadic people preserving and living with the nature. Altay mountains around Tavan Bogd is one of the longest mountain chains in Central Asia. After years of trekking around the area we discovered a fantastic route, an untouched wilderness to see around this area. We will experience nature, ethnic nomads, different culture,  nomadic festivals, riding on horses, see balbals, rock arts, cross rivers, eagle hunters with their golden eagles basically everything you can imagine. Come and experience this amazing , unforgettable experience with Back To Bek Travel.

Itinerary, Western Mongolia, Altay Tavan Bogd Trekking 15 days Trip.

Day 1.

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar (UB), picked up by Back To Bek Travel’s staff at the UB airport. Drive to Chinggis Khan Hotel, after the dinner (and or lunch) go to see concert in a small ensemble in UB. Overnight in hotel.

Day 2.

Get picked up by our staff and transfer to airport to fly to Olgii. Arrive in Olgii and have lunch, visit local market and museum. Overnight in Ger camp.

Day 3.

Start driving to Tavan Bogd national Park, Khar Yamaat historical place to see ancient petroghlyps and rock arts on stones from Turkic age. Visit an eagle hunter in the area. Overnight in tents.

Day 4.

Loading the camping and cooking gears on the camels, trek to Tavan Bogd base camp, we will trek about 15kms on this day to make to base camp. Arrive at the base camp, walk on potanian glacier. Overnight in tents.

Day 5. After having a large breakfast, we will climb to Malchin peak 4050 meters from the sea level. We will see Russian Altay, Chinese Altay and Kazakhstan Altay mountains from the top of Malchin peak which is an amazing and unforgettable feeling to see 4 countries from one spot. In the afternoon, we will start trekking downhill to White river ranger station where Tuvan Shamans live. We will arrive there in the evening and overnight.

Day 6. We will visit some of these Tuvan shamans before our trek, Tuvans are considered as Turkic, but their lifestyle and clothing all looks like Mongolian. Their language is mix of Turkish, Kazakh, Mongolian and Russian. They believe in Shamanism. We will continue to trek to Khar salaa valley and we will settle down there for camping nearby snow capped mountains and river.

Day 7. We will prepare for a high pass of about 3000 meters, some years, the pass is open and clear of snow, but some years it is covered with snow until mid July. Once we pass this hill ( called Takhilt pass) we will go downhill to Aksu Valley. We will see some waterfalls and small lakes on the way. ( Aksu means white water) which is a natural treatment water resources. We will arrive at the treatment resources area and overnight in tents.

Day 8. After the breakfast in the morning, some can climb to beautiful hills around it or can just relax. After the lunch, we will keep going downhill to Araltolgoi historical place. We will meet with two rivers’ junction here. We will do some hiking around this area and overnight in tents.

Day 9. We will keep trekking downhill after passing Aksu river to the south, we will keep going to arrive at the Khulindi spot where we will overnight.

Day 10. We will trek to Khumdibulak today lying along the Khoton lake south west shore. We will visit some Kazakh nomadic families here and We will overnight here in our tents on this day.

Day 11. Today we will ride on horseback, you will undergo small horse riding training session. and ride on horses for the rest of the day and do about 16kms.

Day 12. We will Drive to Kharangat Valley on this day and arrive at Kharakol lake, where some more eagle hunters and Tuvans, Kazakhs live. We will visit some of these families and overnight in tents nearby families.

Day 13. We will drive to Olgii, arrive in Olgii , have hot shower and have goodbye party.

Day 14. Fly out to UB. Picked up by our staff and transfer to hotel.

Day 15. Get picked up by our staff and transfer to UB airport and Fly out to Home country.

Fixed Dates for the Tour:

Last trip for 2015;

14th August-27th August 2015 ( Places available) book today

Cost Per Person: 2250 USD per person. ( full Mongolia package)


* Domestic return tickets ( between UB and Olgii)

* Meals in UB and in Olgii ( meals during the trip)

* English speaking guide in UB and in Olgii.

* Camping and cooking gear.

* Hotel stays in UB and in Olgii

* Horses for riding.

* Camels for pack carrying

* Border patrol office & national park permits

* Crew for the trip including cook

* Other administrative costs.

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