Western Mongolia Horse Derby 14 Days Fixed trip

1st Round- June 1-June 14

2nd Round-June 15-June 28

3rd Round- July 1-July 14

4th Round- July 15-July 28

5th Round-August 1-August 14

6th Round- August 15-August 28

Day 1: Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, welcomed by Bek Travel team and drive to Edelweiss hotel, check into your hotel and have dinner at Mongolian restaurant. Then go to see Mongolian Traditional concert Tumen-Enkh Ensemble.Overnight at your hotel.

Day 2: Picked up in the morning and drive to the airport to fly from Ulaanbaatar to Olgii. Fly to Olgii and after 3 hours of flight arrive in Olgii. Prepare to start the Horse derby at Tavan Bogd National park and border area. Then drive out to Dayan lake west of Olgii. Arrive at the camp site. Overnight in tents.

Day 3: Start the Mongolian horse derby training at this site on this day and do all the preparations for the next day to start the derby. We will have veterans, first aid doctors and experienced wranglers and assistants during the horse ride. We will also have cooking team as well as guide team during the whole time. Everyone will know on this day what type of horses they will choose etc after the training and introduction. Overnight in your tents again on this day.

Day 4: Start the Western Mongolia horse trek today and do 30kms towards Dayan summer place. Arrive at Wolf valley by Khoton, on the way we will stop by dear stones and ancient burial mounds also called frozen tombs of Mongolia. Overnight in your tents.

Day 5: Continue to ride another 30kms today and arrive at Kazakh nomadic eagle hunter’s family. Experience eagle hunter’s family daily life and attend the Welcome ceremony by five finger’s feast. Overnight in your tents and gers.

Day 6: Ride to Baga Turgen waterfall on this day and ride back to the Kazakh nomadic Eagle hunter’s family. Afternoon will be resting time. Overnight in your gers and tents.

Day 7: Ride towards Aral Tolgoi valley, today we will do another 30kms ride and on the way we will stop at Khairakhti Rock arts site to see rock arts from Bronze age. Then continue to ride to Shibar Kharagay and overnight by Khurgan lake in tents.

Day 8: Keep riding towards Aksu valley, go into the deep wild valley today and overnight by Aksu lake. 30kms on this day.

Day 9: Continue to ride towards Death pass and overnight just before the pass by Bear valley and heart lake in your tents.

Day 10: Continue to ride and do the Death pass today and arrive at the Ranger station of Tavan Bogd mountain and overnight in your gers.

Day 11: Ride to the base camp of Tavan Bogd mountain. Today we will do ascending of 17kms on horseback. We will see Potanian glaciers and try to climb to Malchin peak. We will overnight in tents.

Day 12: We will ride back to the ranger station on this day and in the afternoon drive back to Olgii. Stay in our ger camp.

Day 13: We will fly back to Ulaanbaatar on this day on Hunnu air flight. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and stay at Edelweiss hotel.

Day 14: Fly out to your home countries.

End of the trip

Includes: Everything in Mongolia.

Excludes: International flight tickets, travel insurance and personal shopping.

Fee Per person: 3540 USD

Minimum Group Size: 10 people

Maximum Group Size: 20 People